GCQHR ’13 @ FON, KKU: background

“The Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research (GCQHR) is not a formal organization: There are no fees; no memberships. We are not incorporated in any one country. We are not tied to a single university or organization. Rather, the GCQHR can best be described as a movement. The GCQHR belongs to you, and will become whatever it needs to be.” 

Based on the aspirations of a group of qualitative researchers wishing to “learn, communicate and share qualitative inquiry pertaining to health” contributors meet at conferences which are hosted annually (or more frequently) by a volunteer host; this year’s host has been named as Khonkaen University, Thailand. The existing program comprises of conferences concentrating on qualitative health research: in 2010 the congress was hosted by Ewha Womens’ University in Seoul, Korea. In 2012, participants met in Milan, Italy and in 2013, we shall meet in Khonkaen (specific location to be confirmed), Thailand during which two hundred illustrious contributors are expected to attend.

The third Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research hosted by Khonkaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand will take place on December 4th, 5th, 6th, 2013. Accordingly, this year’s congress follows the theme of “Holistic Caring in the Global Context: Evidence from Qualitative Health Research”. With its strong QR background, excellent profile and flawless reputation, the Faculty of Nursing at Khonkaen University proudly hosts this year’s Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research. What’s more, the faculty with its long successful history runs a thriving PhD nursing program as well as international nursing Master’s and PhD programs with current students arising from China, Vietnam, Laos, Bhutan and Indonesia.